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An End-to-End Service For Any Requirement

From design and development, through to manufacture, service and in-field product support we remain a flexible and adaptable company, building on established product lines and providing innovation and evolution to today’s marketplace

Our Products

Since our foundation in 1947, we have designed, engineered, developed and fully manufactured our own extensive range of products. The Howells designed product range includes Signals (Full Range), Rail Indicators, Light Engine, Impedance Bonds, AWS Inductors, Transformers, Flasher Relay, Disconnection Boxes and AWS and APC Receivers.

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Specialist Design

Our design and engineering experience alongside our technical proficiency means that we can work closely with you to deliver your requirements. This could include: manufacture of pre-approved systems or products, update or development of a current product or system, or, the creation of a new product where we manage the full design and engineering support alongside product manufacture

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The recent addition of a new 40,000 ft. sq. CNC workshop enhances our traditional production facility. Wherever possible component parts and assemblies are manufactured in house, this reduces our costs and provides us with significantly greater controls within our business.

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The Re-engineering of products is a key feature of our business. For mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic equipment, we bring a sound methodology and, most importantly, the experience with practical approaches and strategies for improved product development.

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