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  • Product - Signals

Signals, have in particular seen significant improvements and innovations in recent years with improved technology. We have been, and continue to remain a leading designer and manufacturer of all railway signals


Signals Range

The range of signals that we manufacture globally range from incandescent traditional signals, through to fibre optic variations and LED solutions. These may be standard products, or client bespoke.

Types: – Colour Light Signals, Junction Route Indicators, Position Light Indicators, Banner, Theatre & Stencil Indicators, Light Engine, Wig Wag Lamps and Bespoke Indicators



The depth and range of technologies employed within the company, demonstrates not only our capability and diversity in engineering and design, but also our manufacturing skills and expertise. We continue to adapt to and influence the changing needs of the industry, our flexibility supports and promotes the manufacturing of one-off requirements alongside single or large volume production runs.


What We Offer

The diverse range offered, provides the client with a choice to suit their infrastructure needs, requirements and budgets. There are no minimum order volumes for standard signals allowing maintenance and small requirements to be replaced into the infrastructure, without the need for full and costlier upgrades. This includes the Mark 3 retro-fit Light Engine – which now encompasses both AC and DC capability.


Unique Ability

Over the last 4 years we have invested heavily in our facilities and capabilities whilst maintaining total focus on the Rail industry. This key factor means that we fully understand it’s unique needs and the importance of meeting standard industry requirements for quality, reliability, manufacturing and safety.